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Glazing and Glass Fusion (Ceramics)

It’s been almost three weeks since my ceramics throwback and I went to MIY to glaze my piggy and my slab boxes. Sam and Hillary were there again and it was nice to see their friendly faces. Sam got me set up with Stroke and Coat which is colored slip–diluted/watered down clay. I started first [...]

Twenty Years in the Making (Ceramics, Intro Handbuilding)

2013-08-21 21.52.36

It begins… Moving around is nothing new for me. I’m no army brat–those kids have dozens of more states to claim as former homes and more schools than I’ve attended my whole life (graduate degrees included). My Dad was trained as a quality engineer in the mid-eighties and became increasingly sought-after. To keep grounded, school [...]

Crafting Blog

My new position as Assistant Professor of Writing at Nova Southeastern University brought me 1,000 miles away from home. During my time in Fort Lauderdale (without my partner and without the friends who got me through grad school) I have decided to explore some of the more creative avocations I enjoy. I have been signing [...]