Teaching Experience

Nova Southeastern University
  • COMP 1000: Basic Writing
  • COMP 1500: College Writing
  • COMP 2000: Advanced College Writing
  • COMP 2000H: Honors Advanced College Writing
  • UNIV 1012: Language and Identity
  • WRIT 5010: Research Methods
Virginia Tech

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Wheaton High School

  • Co-taught Read 180: Academic Reading
  • Assisted Honors English 10
  • Assisted Honors English 9

Student Evaluations

Fall 2013

“Molly Scanlon was very kind and understanding, she also fostered an environment of respect with the students and that made asking questions and participating in class discussions more accessible to students.”

“She was very personable with every student which helped everyone feel comfortable speaking up in class. She also encouraged student interaction and classroom discussion, which was very effective.”

“I really like the way she set up the class. I really felt like she talked to us on a more personal level than most of my instructors. I think she really cares about her students and wants us to get the most out of the class. I got to know my classmates in this class more than any of my other ones. She really encouraged participation and makes you really think about the subject.”

“I think that you fostered a very positive and open environment by doing things such as forming a socratic seminar circle, allowing students to talk with each other, allowing easier conversation and ideas to occur. Doing hands -on activities, such as taking field trips and showing specific examples for projects we are about to do in class was also helpful. Relating the information we are learning in class to applicable and feasible areas outside of the classroom was also effective, such as applying rhetoric through commercials, flyers, Facebook  twitter, essentially anything that involves a discourse community. Understanding genres of discourse by having each student present their individual genre seemed to be helpful and also allowed students to be creative with thinking of certain genres.”

“Molly did a wonderful job in always creating a fun, comprehensive learning environment. I liked the fact that she was critical, but in a nice and rational way that would help me to do better on the next assignment – it would make me WANT to do better.” 

Spring 2012

“She is very easy to talk to, loves working with you, understanding, and very helpful. It’€™s a very enjoyable class. Emails are always responded to within 24 hours unless over the weekend or gone for a business trip. There are no notes that you need and if there were you could find them on scholar. You can revise your major assignments as many times as you want throughout the semester, so you™r grade will only get better. The one final project she gives you is discussed first thing and you work on that piece by piece throughout the year. She breaks it up into major assignments so you don’t get freaked out by how large the final project is.”

Fall 2011

“Really nice and helpful teacher. She gives a lot of writing assignments, but she is not harsh in terms of grades; she’ll give you a lot of feedback after each assignment. I took ENGL 1105 and 1106 and I got A- and A, respectively. English is not my first language and I suck at writing. But with her help, I pulled out these grades. TAKE HER!”

Fall 2009

“Prior to going to her class, I absolutely hated English and was told I did not write well. Molly thought differently- and turns out I write real well. She always wants to help, but don’t think she’s going to give you an A. You have to earn it. There are 4 major papers 15% each, but you get a lot of feedback in class. She’s the best- trust me.”