Knowledge of Conventions

Knowledge of Conventions*

By the end of first year composition, students should

  • Learn common formats for different kinds of texts
  • Develop knowledge of genre conventions ranging from structure and paragraphing to tone and mechanics
  • Practice appropriate means of documenting their work
  • Control such surface features as syntax, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Faculty in all programs and departments can build on this preparation by helping students learn

  • The conventions of usage, specialized vocabulary, format, and documentation in their fields
  • Strategies through which better control of conventions can be achieved

*from The Council of Writing Program Administrators

"This I Believe"

Difficulty Rating 1: This assignment is ideal for beginners
This I Believe ScreenshotBrief Description: This assignment asks students to use only their own voices to compose a "This I Believe" audio essay based upon writing guidelines provided from the National Public Radio site.
Class Time: Four 75-minute meetings
Yield: One 60-second+ audio composition (and accompanying written transcript)
Courtesy of: National Public Radio
- A device which records audio
- Audio Editing Software (Garageband/Audacity)
- Word processor or text editor (for transcript)